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Full Version: Monday 9th February
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Ok, I have created a 5 v 5 HTD Best of 5 (Bo5).

Vehicles on, n00btubes off.


Game 1 Map:Courtyard - Team Deathmatch LOST
Game 2 Map:Downfall - Team Deathmatch LOST
Game 3 Map:Seelow - Team Deathmatch WON
Game 4 Map:Asylum - Team Deathmatch LOST
Game 5 Map:Roundhouse - Team Deathmatch (Did Not Play [DNP])


Courtyard [Lost: 218 / 730]:

Nicster - 85
Sporran - 55
Logrus - 50
Mashers - 32
G Dub - -4

Downfall [Lost: 617 / 801]:

Logrus - 205
Nicster - 160
Mashers - 122
Sporran - 90
G Dub - 40

Seelow [Won: 612 / 435]:

Logrus - 206
Nicster - 194
Sporran - 160
Mashers - 42
G Dub - 10

Asylum [Lost: 557 / 1000]:

Sporran - 190
Nicster - 171
Logrus - 96
Mashers - 80
G DUB - 20
Well played all !! I didnt have a blinder - I knowSad but first impressions and remember - its the first time some of us played together in a clan game/as a clan - i'll be honest - no bad at all really (the scores dont do us justice) ..... we really need to all get on at once and not even get tac tikal but to play together as a clan in a closed room !! what ya think ?? maybe make a sunday UKMW clan get together ??
Up for that, yeah.

I thought we did play well, but testement to his own honesty - G Dub is a novice player and we were playing 5 hardened players, fast, accurate, sneaky, clever bordering glitchy (but I don't think they were).

One thing in Courtyard we all need to be aware of are them standing on the pillars in the middle of the map - got me a few times.

Also, weak maps (such as Asylum) need to be hammered out in Private Rooms.
(02-10-2009 10:30 AM)Logrus Wrote: [ -> ]Also, weak maps (such as Asylum) need to be hammered out in Private Rooms.

I thoguth i did quite well in asylum Tongue

Yes defo need to work on vehicle tactics, as in what works best when we dont get the tanks.

Garand was spot on for me last night Smile
Remember in Asylum changing to my 'Invisible' class as they constantly had Recon (and fucking Dogs!) and encountering a guy coming out of the bombed entrance to the toilets near the start garden spawn, he was right in front of me, prancing around like a flid and I let off about 11 Garand rounds (with suppressor) and hit him nought. He orgasmn Gunned me and I was away (again).

please can you take out my -4, it was sporrans fault after all!!
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