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Full Version: Sunday 8th February
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right had a look there is match showing but its a 4v4 for 3.30 est that makes it 8.30 our time on sunday night.

Best of 3 maps, no vehicles or gren laucnhers but but rest is hardcore, paerks allowed etc.

Your choice shall i book it up, yes its a small team but i know where my place is and am more than happy to stand on the side lines with my pom poms Big Grin

Now now i said i would keep these puppies happy Wink

[Image: PatriotsCheerLeaders.jpg]

Or i could post up a 6 v 6 for 9pm sunday night (4pm est) and see if anyone goes.

Would be nice to get us moving so thinking taking up the 4v4 is the best option unless a 5v5 or 6v6 appears for sunday night within next day.

What you say.

But can we can some names down for sunday night 4 v 4 please those that can make it.

Players available:

Sporran (might be drunk though, celebrating or drowning sorrow Wink )
LogrusUK available (hidine under my desk atm)
id prefer a 6vs6 tbh. but if 4 or u fancy it, go for it!
i can advertise a 6 v6 i dont mind, would be good, just want to makre sure we get enough cover wouldnt want our first outing to be a DNS or unable to field a full one also we need aplatta work etc to reg they have to do it by tonight to be guaratneed eligible on GB.
I'll stand on the side lines , no probs - i'll make it, if needed and were short ..
(02-07-2009 12:30 PM)Mashers Wrote: [ -> ]I'll stand on the side lines , no probs - i'll make it, if needed and were short ..

Same with myself.
I'm available after the rugby, so a yes for me. If a few of the regulars wanna play the smaller game I don't mind sitting out
That 4 v 4 game has been taken, so games nearer the time are..:

21:45 - 5 v 5 HTD + no n00btubes, bettys on, 2x PG on, satchels on, map off, kill streak on.

I am accepting this, else we'll have nought to play tonight!

21:45 is a good enough time, I will be online around 21:00 (if not all day) to whet my appetite and make sure we have a presence for drafting in players.
good show Big Grin

ill be around.
Ok, I have accepted the match TONIGHT - 9.45, all log for about 9pm?

I have also checked out the team here:

Looks like they're a bunch of N00bs like us on CoD:WaW, so - it should be plain sailing.

(it says here)

Try not to get too drunk at the Arse / Rugby boys...


I am on VETERAN...


---------------------------- EDIT -----------------------------------

Saying that - they have played 7, won 6, lost 1...

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