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Full Version: Woops
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First, what a silly boot, "Ross Brown" aye right hen Rolleyes

Ross Brawn should be okay for a job next year, maybe a return to Ferrari ? Button will be kicking himself with that Williams contract a few years back. Barrichello will be done me finks.

Bit embaressing though that a team like Force India can carry on yet Honda can't afford it. Not worth them trying to make cost reductions first ? i.e. Get Button's contract vastly cut ? Seeing as he's done fuck all for it!
mad aint it, think Honda are in a few troubles nothing major i dont think.

They are also stopping production at swindon in Jan and feb to help :s

I mean how is Jenson gonna afford to feed himself and his misses Big Grin
Oft dunnoo, maybe he could sign on, get his £80 per week.Smile

I noticed Justin Wilson is in the Indy Cars, maybe a season over there, if he doesn't get a drive here. Be nice to have Danica Patrick in F1 Big Grin
Honda was a bit of a shock but this one is even more :o

Feck who will be left for next years racing?
That is disappointing. Especially for a team that's had pretty much most of the modern greats driving for them! McRae, Burns, Makkinen to name a few.

Motorsport on the whole is going to be a sorry state of affairs next year tbh. WRC has lost two teams, F1 with Honda, BTCC with Seat. There'll be more. Thankfully MotoGp still remains intact.

Might be time for the FIA and other organisations to start capping expenses and making motorsport more cost efficent
honda can do what ever the hell they like, after all they have developed the clarity, which (as leno said) will save the car for the future.

P.S. i dont feel sorry for button either cause i don't like him, far too much of a eddie irvine for my liking.
jeez, feeder :o

things must be real bad.
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