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Full Version: Payday 2
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This was mentioned at some point recently. Could be tempted, even though we had this on the 360, as it includes all the dlc from the PC thats been released since. Thats a load more missions, weapons, etc. plus it should look nicer.

or maybe pick it up when its dropped in price or on offer?
wonder if its going to be a 40 quider?
Its on Steam now for free on the PC for 1 more day grab it!
Pretty certain after that 1 day, you can no longer play it, Ross?

Either way - if it's about £15, I'll get it.
Its £15 for GOTY edition on PC at mo (£4.59 base). I do have it on the pc (without all the dlc), but it's just easier getting more people online on PS4.

Think it is £40 though Sad
Ohh is that what the 1 day means? I thought it meant it was available for one more day haha!!
Bah, not paying £40 for a game we cained on the 360 years ago.
Hmmmm, dunno. I am thinking on trying to scale back the gameage!

So £9.50, any takers?

edit: so apparently they have never updated the ps4 version, so still has the bugs from launch!
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