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Full Version: Diablo III
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Anyone interested in this?

WHen it was £40 - no way, for me, but, Flex and Pattern have it and they say it is pretty damn good.

That said, I've just got a really nice new PC Rig, so..?

I have it on pc, if I was gonna buy it again I would want it on a next gen platform like ps4
Anyone else?
Dont think its my sorta game but like spanks would be PS4 now. PC is just about enough for web and porn.
had another crack at this the weekend, trying to take down Diablo on nightmare is a right bitch and a major lesson in kiting, the boss fight has 3 stages to it, if you fail at any one you have to restart the entire fight from the beginning, I can get to the third stage, then he brings in another attack and well I don't last long.
Oddly enough I tried the demo for this last night on 360.

There is not a lot to explore, PC version is more open, 360 version is more set path with very limited exploring. The controls still have me a bit confused, I quite often started shooting frost ray in the opposite direction to what I expected (wizard is my go-to class). Wasn't overly impressed that the game has auto aim either. Makes me a bit hesitant for the ps4 version due out later this year.

PC version is definitely the best version out there and I have already pre-ordered Reaper of Souls expansion.
Never really been my kind of game Sad
Damn I ended up buying this on 360 for no other reason than I was bored...

Oh well, Flex and I dined out for 24 hours on it over a weekend!
Reapers of Souls expansion dropped last night, got to the fight with Diablo right on queue to start the expansion just after 11pm when the content pack was enabled.

Basically its another 5 acts. Already noticing improved loot (gettings blues better than some of my legendary equipment). Already playing on hard, can go toe to toe with most elites at the moment, so might have to bump up the difficulty from hard to the next level.

Noticed the new Torment (most) difficulty has a slider to up the bad guys to the point where you get +1600% XP :O
You still playing on PC, though, Spanks?

EDIT - why did I buy it on 360?!?!?!

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