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Full Version: PayDay 2
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Any takers up for this, its due on 16th August.

Think Horde but cops and robbers Big Grin

First, you have to get in to the complex's and first secure the loot and then defend off waves of law enforcers and make it out alive. Wink

Some PC footage from PayDay the Heist

I nearly picked up the first one, but you need a few people to play coop. If some people get it, im in.
If we ever get power back on downstairs I could interested in a good horde wave game
no leccy?
I could get...
ah, after speaking with Spoz last night, this is going to be for the 360 (hence why its in this thread). I was talking about the PC version, as have seen the first one cheap on steam.

although not too pricey for 360
£23 at amazon
£24 at shopto

although will it be available for direct download at time of release?
thought it was going to be a 1600 points job lmao

Still interested if you two are.

Was reading this review.

Quote:Take the bank job for example; your thermal drill takes four painful minutes to crack the vault, while outside wave after wave of increasingly armed and aggressive cops pile up outside, showering the building in searing hot lead. It’s nuts.

“Once the safe is open you have to fill bags with money and carry them through the gunfire to your getaway vehicle. Meanwhile you have to help up your downed mates while trying not to die yourself. It’s a similar brand of confusion and adrenaline that I got from Left 4 Dead’s escape missions, and that’s a game I played relentlessly back in the day. Overkill has just hit all the right notes that make co-op games so damn enjoyable.

Quote:“Sneaking around the FBI headquarters to steal a server of data while silently taking out guards and CCTV cameras is just enthralling, remove your pants type stuff. (Jesus dude! – Dave) Finally pulling off a bank heist without setting any of the alarms off is enough to make you want to fist bump the air, run up a flight of stairs and simply party like its 1999 again. I get the sweats every time it goes right. Why are you reading this? You should be playing it now.”

I will be the safe driller Wink

EDIT: shopto includes the lootbag DLC assume that a future release so not that bad a price!
Sounds good. downstairs ring main has a fault and keeps tripping, fingers crossed it can be fixed this afternoon if not then its a rewire on Saturday
ok i'm in if we have enough (4?). looks like we need to get it ordered in next day or two, to get the dlc.
wonder if launch day vers in tesco will have DLC in the box?
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