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Full Version: World War Z
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Recommending a film I've not seen

Book was brilliant Smile
A lot of the street shots in the trailer (the red floored square) is actually George Square in Glasgow.

I'm sure the Zombie shots were just some randomly shot footage from a typical Saturday afternoon in Glasgow! It's why I like playing Call of Duty Zombies.
Book was amazing, but i dont see how they are going to follow on from the book with an action movie.

Although i must say i cant wait to see it.
That'll be watched.
Log we should start a book section in forums!

Or am i the only geek that reads books haha!
Nope. Workslave reads a great deal as well, but then again - so does Nicos...

I am re-reading the Hyperion cantos at the moment, Dan Simmons.

Utter genius.
Yep read all the World War Z books.
Just started The Malazan Book of the Fallen, another epic fantasy series. Been going through a few fantasy books recently: Valisar trilogy and Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, were last ones i finished iirc.

Start a new section, or just could just post specific books up here in recommendations?
Sorted Wink
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